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i have a 1988, 1100cc fiesta ovh,with a bosch distributer...the problem is i was driving along and the car engine went brrrrrrr and cut turns over but wont start again..having gone through everything to find the cause im not getting a spark from the points..i replaced points,coil,condenser up to now car still parked up...the condenser type is it runs directly to the coil but im unsure wether i attached it to the right electrode (positive or negative)im baffled my friends just say scrap it but its my pride and joy they just dont get its my babyyyyyy
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We don't get that model (thank God ) here in the States. The last Fiesta in the US was 1978 to 1980.

What does your repair manual have to say? A local public library should have a Chilton or Haynes manual, and that will give you photos and procedures.
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check timing belt

I would check the timing belt sounds like it broke. You can remove the cap were you put the oil in and look at the valve train have someone try to start it and see if it moves. Or remove distributor cap and try to turn it over and see if rotor spins.
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after you check your timing belt, check spark in each cylinder by grouding the plug with wire attach. if still no spark check to see if gap is right at the points, they are very touchy.

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