1990 Nissan (4x2) Shortbed Pick-up (2.4L L4 EFI engine)


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Smile 1990 Nissan (4x2) Shortbed Pick-up (2.4L L4 EFI engine)

I recently purchased this 1990 Nissan pick-up (2.4L with a 5speed manual transmission) because they are known to run forever it seems. I really need some insight on some of the "negatives" concerning this year and make/model (rear wheel drive) pick-up. * The odometer reads 99,000 miles and the "Car Fax Report" looks to be true. The truck seems to run very decent .Except ,I hear a (starter) grumbling noise on the 1st try of starting engine. then I turn the key and it starts right up with no problem. The brakes seem a "little soft" but stop well and I don't hear any metal grinding. However, the brake light came on the other day and stayed on. What does this indicate? **My main concern is the rust underneath the truck. Where do I check to make sure the "Frame" is solid? The back bed sides are rust and supports broke that keep the side of beds secure and allow the tailgate to open and close properly. I would like to register the truck with license plates and "use" this little truck for work around the house. First, I want to go over it well to make sure its worth fixing up a little bit. I paid $500 for it from someone my sister knows. I don't think they woud intentionally try to mislead me with the truck. I just don't have tons of money to pay fo major repairs. I would also like to know if there are any other good web-sites I can learn more about this specific truck.
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For that price, you did OK. Nissan pickups are not as durable as their Toyota competitors, nor as well screwed together if we are talking Japanese vehicles only.

Rust is bad business. It could be structural or cosmetic. You'd have to crawl under there and have a look. If the frame is rusted, use it sparingly, and either have it repaired ($$$) or pitch it now before you run into a ton of money fixing it. If it's only surface rust or holes in the body, they can be fixed, but will be expensive to do (that's why the vehicle was only 500 bucks).

If the brake light is on, either the parking brake was left on, or more than likely, there is a leak in the hydraulic system. If the latter, it MUST be rectified, the truck is dangerous to drive as is and the brakes could fail without warning causing an accident.

Nissans use gear reduction starters that tend to cause problems and aren't worth a darn. Either a poorly rebuilt starter was installed, the one in there is bad, or the flywheel has a chip. You'd have to get into it to see what it is.

Since this is a 500 dollar vehicle, the factory service manual (which I would recommend) is probably worth more than the truck . You might do better with a 25 dollar a year Alldata subscription which will get you diagrams and R&R procedures for most things you'll encounter in a year. If the truck lasts more than a year, then see about the factory manual---used is fine here.

A Nissan wouldn't be my choice unless it was given to me free of charge. A Toyota or better yet a GM truck is a far superior choice for parts availability, cost, payload and overall durability.
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if your brake light is on and the parking brake isnt set, id check to see if theres a bad bulb.

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