car won't start


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car won't start

My daughter has a 1991 Olds cutlass. I can't get it started. She has had no trouble, parked in the cold (8 degrees) last night and this morning it would not fire. I jumped it and it turns over good. I've tried pumping gas and holding acclerator to the floor and no results. I've also let it sit for 8 hours and tried again. Is there anything else I can try.
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how many miles?

it turns over but not catching?
it sounds like a fuel problem
open hood and get someone to start it NEVER LET STARTER RUN FOR MORE THAN 15 SECONDS AT A TIME
can u smell gas?
if not your fuel pump may be shot
and the bad news is i think it is in the fuel tank. pain in the ass to change
i had to do it in my 88 cutlass ciera i used to have

it doesnt seem cold to me to have frozen gas lines( im in canada)
maybe try gasline anti freeze (fondue fuel) but i still think your pump may be shot

a pump might give you 120000 miles b-4 problems
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Start with the links and posts in my signature file...most notably "The Basics".

Tell us what you find.
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well i will tell u i am a back yard mechanic
another thing it may be is a fuel filter and i beleive it is beside throttle body injector or to the left of the fuel tank -change this before you do any thing - its about 3 bucks


there are acouple of ways to check fuel pump

1. the safe way
buy a vacuum tester and you splice it into the gas line and it tells you the fuel pressure and you compare it to what the car is supposed to have

2. messy way
undo a gas line at the throttle body injector and hold away from your face and with a plastic bottle on the end and have someone crank it over , no gas , no pump--

now i would also wait for a couple more opinion since i am not a licensed mechanic

but you got my 2 cents

good luck
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We do not know the engine size of this vehicle, since the original poster left it out. Assumed to be a 3.1 or a 3.4.

Both are multiport fuel injection, so your idea of taking the line off the throttle body won't work .

Even if it were TBI, just because you have fuel or no fuel coming out of the line, it won't tell you squat .

You have to have the right volume and pressure or else the vehicle still may not run . The ONLY way to check fuel pressure is with a gauge. Any parts store (such as Autozone) can rent you one for free if they have a tool rental program.

First step for this poster is to check my Basics post. May not be a fuel problem, could be a spark problem.
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good point joe

thats why i told him to wait for more posts

is this a cutlass supreme, ciera,cruiser?????

the 2.5 is throttle

i m backyard sniff sniff taste taste feel feel and i usually get it but i need the car infront of me

i ll watch this post cause i love to learn
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The Basics...Spark and Fuel.
Check for spark first.
When you turn the key to the on position can you hear the electric fuel pump in the tank run for a few seconds?
Checked all your fuses?
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Stevo2 has the right idea , you've first got to determine if you have spark and fuel. Ignition modules can be a problem with these GM's but best to go slow and troubleshoot correctly before spending a wad of money.
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If it wouldn't start after you parked it in the cold then check if the choke plate is shut before you start the car ,then a few seconds after starting the car,the choke plate should open a bit which is the vacuum break effecting, then the thermostatic choke coil pulls the choke plate wide open.Maybe the girl flooded the engine because she didn't know how to cold start the car so retry pressing the gas pedal to the floor for a long time while trying to start.All this assuming the car has a carb.
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There's no 1991 Oldsmobile with a carburetor. The last one was a 1990 Custom Cruiser 5.0 vin Y.

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