91 Ford Explorer ~ FrontEnd


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Charles E.
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91 Ford Explorer ~ FrontEnd

Hey Joe & Nuckles This past year has passed very quickly. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will have an even better Christmas & New Year. Now to the problem 91 Ford Explorer 4.0 F.I. V-6 2WD. Had a poping noise in the front end and pulled to the left when appling brakes. When brakes are released pulls to right for just a second. Thought it might be a pad problem, relpaced the pads, inner and outer bearings and races, new wheel seals ( can you believe this town doesn't have one set of brake lines in stock ) waiting for backordered brake flex lines, turned the rotors. I think the brake lines will fix the pulling problem. Driving through the parking lot hit a speed bump at about 5mph sounded like the front end was comming out from under the truck ( i.e. Loud popping noise ) next speed bump hit it with left wheel only, rt. wheel in rain break, nothing, not a sound. Next bump switched sides of road right wheel hit bump loud popping was back. When I got home checked everything under front end with weight on wheels then lifted front end with bumper lift. I cannot find anything loose anywhere. Got any Ideas? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Fordtech is your man on these things, but I believe there are problems with the front end...the stabilizer bar links and sway bar links might be elongated/rotted allowing the bar to move and clunk around in there.

Usually pulling when braking is a clogged flex line, so you are on the right track to replace those.

Eegads, why did you buy a first generation Explorer?
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Charles E.
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Thanks Joe ~ Not my Ford, belongs to my sister. They are just as good as anything else on the road, just not my cup of tea I like GM products mostly because I spent twenty years fixing them. Maybe Fordtech has some other ideas anyone is welcome I just don't know anything about fords. I'll check into the stab. bar bushings. Charles E.
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Might also want to check the radius arm bushings and ball joints. Explorers EAT them.

There's some pretty good early Explorer info at the URL below too:

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Time to get your frame and crossmembers checked for loose rivots or bad welds. A number of Service Bulletins were issued on frame problems. Have it checked to be safe.

9747 FEB 97 Frame - Rivet Replacement with Bolts Service Tip
932212 OCT 93 Suspension/Frame - Rattle/Clunk/Pop/Squeak
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I believe the others have already mentioned everything that i could think of on this one.

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