Removal of timing belt on 88 Honda Accord


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Removal of timing belt on 88 Honda Accord

I am in the process of removing the head on an 88 accord as I have a blown head gasket. I am having problems with two things. First, I want to make sure the engine is correctly set at TDC. I have the arrow on the cam gear pointing up but cannot locate the flywheel pointer to verify that I definitely am TDC. Where is it located on this vehicle? Second, I have located the belt adjuster locking bolt. It loosens, but I cannot figure out how to actually loosen the bolt or the adjuster. How do I do this?

Thanks for your help!
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Check the manual


Buy a manual for the vehicle in question. It will save you lots of headaches in the long run. Also align the crank and cam before you take of the belt to assure that you have proper alignment when u put it back together.

just some input. the tensioner should be a bolt connected to the tensioner bracket.

good luck and god speed!
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Thank you for the response but I do have a Chilton's manual I am using. The manual is not clear as to where the timing mark is on the crankshaft pulley. This is an Accord DX 2 door with a 2.0L engine. I just want to make sure the engine is set at TDC before going any further so the crankshaft is set at the right place so when I get the head off, have it resurfaced and checked for warpage and cracks, I can put it back on with the new gasket and know my crankshaft is in the right place. I can always move the camshaft pulley and align it when putting my head back on and then put on a new timing belt. I guess my question is if I have the camshaft pulley in the right place when taking off the timing belt will that mean my crankshaft is also in the right place? Thanks for any help!
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check near the top of the transmission bell housing may have a removable rubber plug that you can remove and you should see a pointer and tdc mark on flywheel.
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The lower TIMING BELT PULLEY has a TDC mark on it. Align this mark with the corresponding mark on the front of the engine.

The marks are at 12 o'clock & plain as day once you remove the crank pulley and timing covers.

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