Shock replacement

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Shock replacement

Have 1996 Lincoln Signature, need to replace shocks front and rear. Front appears to be R&R simple enough but rears reportedly to be major job. What could be so difficult about replacing them? autolibrary says, "no repair information available for this vehicle". Do not need to replace the air shocks. Only the standard type. It has both and are seperate from each other. Thanks

After self inspection: nothing to replacing shocks. Local lincoln dealer wants $180 for labor only. Said, them back ones are tough to get off and on. One nut on top and one nut on bottom, with no obstructions. Shoulda looked before I submitted question.
However; if I am missing something important, please advise me of such.

JUST WANT TO PUT PS HERE: Had shocks replaced by large family owned shop. Svc mgr also stated that the rear ones were very difficult to R & R. Watched while they did the job. Convinced that the money spent for labor well worth it. (and they had the proper tools.)

Just wanted to be sure anyone that viewed this thread is now aware.

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A few weeks ago I went around to several garages to get an estimation on putting on a set of struts on my car.One garage quoted 1 1/2 hours another garage quoted 1 hour and a well known muffler installer franchise who everyone will recognise the name if I put it here ,quoted 2 hours labor.I went to a small garage that didn't have any cars in the bays or outside and this garage was usually quite busy, did the job in twenty minutes and he didn't rush.He charged me for 1/2 hour labor only because I told him to charge a little more than for twenty minutes.The moral of this story is to look for a garage that is not busy at that time of the day and the mechanic can't go from car to car in the garage to make time.Another clever trick they use is to tell you to leave the car there so they can overcharge while you are not looking.
The small garage charged me 40 dollars and the well known muffler installer wanted 140 dollars.
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Most shops bill by flat rate time, regardless of the actual time spent repairing your car. So, if the labor guide allows 2 hours to R&R struts, the shop will charge you for 2 hours labor even if it only takes the mechanic 20 minutes to actually complete the work.

This is NOT overcharging.
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There are companies like Motor, Chilton and Mitchell that publish labor guides as to various service operations. So does Alldata.

The "flat rate" system has been called suspect by some (using this example let's say), but it can work both ways. The guy could spend a full 2 hours on the car if he runs into trouble (broken bolt, stuck bolt, waiting for parts, etc, etc, etc). It is more an average than a "let's see who does it faster" contest.

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