antilock light on


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antilock light on

92 chevy bazer s10 2wdr 4.3l . was checking under hood wire connection and such,with engine running . after reentering the truck anti lock and brake light on . after disconnecting battery brake gone, antilock still there a.z. checked told me about diffence problem. everything was fine before i got to pushing wire connections. i did check shoe and pad , replaced shoes. useing airblower to rid of dust.was told this truck only has abs on back brakes. is there a way to get rid of bad codes??? thank you MM
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mm, I have a 1992 Chevy Suburban and the Chiltons manual says: 1. Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine.
2. Use a jumper wire to ground ALDL terminal H to
terminal A for 2 seconds.
3. Remove the jumper wire for 2 seconds.
4. Repeat the grounding and un-grounding 2 more times. Each connection and opening of the circuit should last 2 seconds.
5. Connect the jumper to terminals H and A for a longer time; no trouble codes should be displayed. If codes are displayed, the system was not properly erased.
6. If no codes appear, the memory has been cleared. Turn the ignition off.

I don't know if the Data link connector is the same in our trucks but they may be. By the way The Data link connector is for the Diagnostic plug which should be under the dash, below the steering wheel. The different terminals should be marked. That is where mine is. The code will return if there is a problem that has not been repaired.
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You need a scanner to properly read the ABS codes. Not something to fool around with. Brakes are important business.

Have the codes read by someone with a scanner.

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