extensive autobody repair


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extensive autobody repair

I would like information on auto body repair. I once heard of some one who claimed tob be able to get the dents out of anything without drilling into the metal. Also if something is bent one way with patience and the right tools would it not be possible to bring the metal back into atleast reasonable shape. Furthermore in theory should it not be possible atleast in theory to bend a frame back into shape atleast to meet safety requirements and get further use out of the car until it can be replaced. Any suggestions on how to do some extensive body work would be greatly appreciated. Thank you... have a great day.

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There are many books in the public library on body repair. If you're serious and want to learn more, take some of those books out or take a course at a vocational school.

Body work is tough business and has to be done correctly on today's unibody cars as the body is part of the structure and strength of the vehicle. Your life could depend on it in an accident.

Yes, a frame can be properly straightened. Yes, paintless dent removal works well. All techniques that require skill and training to do correctly.
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Extensive body repair continued...

Thankyou for the response "Joe Cool" also the snoopy icon is very, very cool... Yes I am on my way to the library to research and will look on the www and ask around... we are dealing with a 1989 volkswagen fox 2 dr 4spd manual transmission, although the car is 13 almost 14 years old, the motor is good, so is the rest of the body, I bought and safety the car for $890.00 Canadian$, I really need this car for travel to university, work, banking, the grocery store, laundry, the usual things... it now has damage to the right(passenger) side door and front(same side) fender. The hood is untouched. However it appears and, I have been told by my mechanic and a reputable auto body shop the the "post" between the door and front fender is pushed in and that the "rocker? panel" is also damaged. The auto body person told me it was repairable however at about 4 to 5 times($1000.00 in parts and another $4000.00 in actual labour) the actual value of the car. After I bought the car I was told(by one of my mentors who has a mint condition porsche with 500,000 km=300,000 miles on it) that because the vw fox is German engineered it should be good for enough miles to keep me going for atleast 18 to 24 months plenty of time for me to prepare for another purchase. Long story short, I am willing to fix this car myself, even if I have to replace it right away, I still would like to keep it and fix it as a winter car (I live in Canada). I know that if I had instructions/ information, on what to do and how to do it and what tools are needed( I can rent a spot at do it yourself garage; there are some inexpensive ones in my area) I could put this car back into shape. It seems pretty simple... mmm I just got of the phone with another mechanic who tells me that it requires special equipment to pull a frame into proper shape... is this always the case? I am taking it to get looked at in more detail tonite by a friend who is an experienced mechanic and can give me some more expert advice aswell... other than this recent damage the rest of the body is very clean and no rust underneath. If this additional information is helpful in enabling you to give me more possible insights it is greatly appreciated. Excellent site here by the way... very easy to navigate, read, pleasing to the eye, hats off to the web designer(s)/builder(s) and webmaster(s). Thanks again though my auto is a little "scrunched" my isn't. Thanks to all and any replies... be good and stay cool all knk out
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How extensive is the damage to the A-pillar (door post) and rocker panel?

Will the damaged door open & close w/o excessive effort?

Does the car still track straight?

Are the tires wearing unevenly?

Does the windshield leak?

If the car tracks straight & doesn't wear tires in an odd pattern, the rocker panel is probably not damaged too badly.

If the windshield seal is still intact & the windshield itself did not break during the collision, the A-pillar is *probably* repairable.

You *may* be able to simply jack out the A-pillar with a porta-power & install a used door and fender. It really depends on the extent of the damage and your mechanical ability & access to tools/equipment.

Get to the library & read up on auto body repair. Once you have a better understanding of what's involved, you can then decide if your car is DIY repairable or not.
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I agree with Knuckles on his assessment.

The VW Fox is Yugo quality in disguise. A guy I used to work with had the hood bent to shreds off the hinges when it flew up on his girlfriend. It ripped the mounts to shreds. The sheet metal is paper thin and I was duly unimpressed with it.

Cheap little car, cheap quality, so don't spend more than it's worth. As Knuckles said, make sure it runs true. If not, it has to be fixed by a body shop to get the structure straight again and then you can put on the used body panels as instructed.

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