1991 jeep wrangler engine trouble


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1991 jeep wrangler engine trouble

I have a 1991 jeep wrangler with an engine that seems to skip and jump while running at any speed.
It is a six cylinder engine, the fuel filter has been replaced and the mechanincs adjusted some sort of sensors and did a full tune up on it. it runs better now after the mechanincs got done with it but it still has problems with acceleration. The RPMs go up normaly then die for a couple of seconds then jump up a bit higher than before then settle back down to what they were before. The effect of this is a jerky motion when I try to accelerate. some times it just dies in the middle of the street when I have to stop for a light. then it takes two or three minutes to start it again.
I have tried cleaning out the air hoses and some of the vacum hoses connected to the engine block but it doesnt seem to do much for it.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Has the fuel pressure been checked?

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