95 Altima Please Help


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Question 95 Altima Please Help

I have a 95 Altima 3.1 automatic. When driving it seems like the injectors shut down so it won't shift unless you let off gas .
Someone said it has something to do with the rev limiter?
How do I fix this?

Thank you for your time.
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i would suggest taking to a shop and having diagnosed, it could be a number of things causing this problem, having computer checked for codes, and fuel pressure checked would be a place to start.
rev limiters do shut off the injector pulse for a split second to prevent overrevving the engine but i doubt that is your problem, if your rpm is to high before shifting it is likely caused by a faulty sensor or transmission problem.
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I agree with BeJay.

There is no 3.1 in a 95 Altima...it's a 2.4 4 cylinder, KA24 series engine.

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