Power Antenna - Honda Accord EX


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Power Antenna - Honda Accord EX

I think I need to replace the power antenna on my 1995 Accord EX. When I turn the radio off, I hear the thing trying to wind down, but the antenna stays up. Can you replace just the mast, without running a whole new wire to the radio? If so, how does the mast detach? Also, should I get the replacement from the dealer, or do the universal replacements work just as well.

Thanks ahead of time.
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you could just unplug the power antenna motor connector so it would not be trying to lower the antenna and just leave it in an up position, if you do replace it i would suggest you get one from dealer to be an exact replacment and easier to install.
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Get the parts from Honda, I agree.

Sometimes just the mast can be replaced---many times it's not worth it as they are hard to install. All depends. See what the dealer has in stock and the price difference.

Worst case scenario: New antenna unit...no new wiring needed.
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Power Ant.

I have a 90 Accord....same thing happened to my antenna. It got stuck in the up position. I didn't feel like messing with it...cost me about $80 to get a new unit and have it installed.

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