Bad Transfer Case?


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Bad Transfer Case?

I've got an '86 Suburban, 4WD, 5.7L, 1/2 ton. Something in the drive train is messed up so that no power is delivered to the wheels. This is true for any selection on the transfer case (2W-H, 4W-H, and 4W-L). When I have the transfer case set to any position (except Neutral), when I engage the transmission (shifting from neutral to drive or revers), I can hear what sounds like a normal transmission engagement, but no power is delivered to the wheels. When the transfer case is in neutral, I don't hear the same 'engagement'.

I believe the transfer case is shot, because I've had trouble keeping fluid in it, and it (I think it was it) was definitely making some progressively louder 'whiny' noises.

I wasn't driving the car when it failed, but was told that it made a 'thunk' and never worked since.

How do I determine if the problem is with the transfer case or the transmission? I've located a transfer case, but don't want to swap it in unless I'm sure that's the problem.

Thanks, Brad

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Some more information: I noticed that when I put the transmission in gear, and rev the engine, the car will actually creep forward a little bit. (or backward if in reverse).

And, when in Park, the car is 'parked' like it should be, ie; it won't roll at all.

I'm thinking this points more toward a bad transmission than a bad transfer case. Does that seem right?

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sounds more likely to be a bad transmission if the chain or gear broke in the tranfer case i believe you would just lose the power to the front differential.
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I would agree. Mileage? When's the last time it saw a fluid and filter change?
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Ummmmm!! Good point!

Mileage? 180K miles.

When's the last time it saw a fluid and filter change? Longer that I care to admit.

Guess I should count myself lucky I got as much out of it as I did. I'll post again when I know how screwed up it is.


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