91 Geo Metro engine light


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Unhappy 91 Geo Metro engine light

I have a 91 Geo Metro convertible. My engine light is on and I don't know what is associated with it. Last time it came on we changed the O2 sensor, but no change. Then we changed the thermostat and the light went off. Then it came back on again and I took it to a dealer to plug into their diagnostic machine. They said nothing was wrong and 'cleared the code' (don't know what code it was, they didn't tell me). It was fine for about a week but now is on again and won't go off. Temp seems fine, oil is okay. I don't want to spend another $70 for the dealer to clear the code and find nothing! I have also noticed that when I barely turn the steering wheel to the left, the 'brake' light comes on. When the steering wheel straight or turned to the right, no light. I don't have a book with good electrical diagrams or troubleshooting. Can someone tell me what is associated to the engine light, what else to test/try, where else to look for problems.

Thank you
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first go to this site and select your car and go to emission controls it will show you how to retrieve codes from the computer whichever code or codes in the computer is the problem circuit, which is causing the light to come on you can also go to diagnostic flow charts and with a little time testing it will tell you which component in the circuit is bad and in need of repair.
the check engine light comes on due to the computer detecting an incorrect or out of specification reading from one of the many sensors it monitors.


you may also want to purchase a manual for your car that covers emission controls or a subscription to all data for more detailed information along with diagrams.
start by checking brake fluid level if it is low fill it up, if the light still comes on most likely do have a wiring problem such as a wire shorting to ground near the steering linkage.
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I agree with BeJay.

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