no headlights!!!


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no headlights!!!

Hi...hopefully someone can help here...
Went to go to work this morning, no headlights
However, when I hold the arm in to switch to highbeams, I have lights, when I let go, no lights again, so they arent burnt out, cant be a fuse or they wouldnt come on when held in... Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

Thanks in advance
p.s. its an 88 Chrysler Dynasty
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I believe that there are indeed separate fuses for the low and high beams.

Check the low beam fuse and see if it's blown. My bet is that it is. If it's not, then it's something else like perhaps a short, or the switch in the steering column.......

Fuse is probably it.
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Likely a defective headlight switch.
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Could be both lows beams burnt out. First one goes out and you don't notice it then the other blows and thats when you notice the lights are out. There are seperate filaments in the same bulb for low and high.

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I may be wrong but I think the lights are turned on by a relay which is activated by the light switch when you turn on the lights.
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i think that the switch is gone inside the steering colum
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Bad headlight switch as noted in previous posts. That is a pretty-sure sign of a bad switch on those dodge products when the lights flash as you hit the hi-lo switch. Remove the plastic cover under the dash so that you can see the steering column. I believe the switch is green and black and mounted on the side of the column about halfway down. Easy to change.

Let us know!

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