Uncontrollable Horn


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Uncontrollable Horn

1992 Pontiac Grand Am
4 cyl. 2.3 liter

Recently my horn has been blaring whenever it feels like it for no particular reason. Sometimes when I'm driving, and I hit a bump or turn the steering wheel too much in one direction, it will start going off. When I push on it at that point, it makes it stop until I let go again.

Also, sometimes it goes off when I'm not even driving it. The other night at 1:00AM, it went off for 15 minutes straight until I could run outside and eventually disconnect the positive battery cable to make it stop. How can I fix this?
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HAH!! Kinda funny. I know it isn't when you are in that kind of predicament, but it reminded me of my first car, when I was 16 I had an 89 mustang 4 cyl. I was guilty of being 16, so I Pounded-continuously on the horn, hard. Well eventually it broke--within 3 years. It did the exact same thing yours did.

I am not sure of your exact layout with your horn button on your steering wheel but my 89 mustang had a horn button, big round piece that gets depressed when you push it. With a 92, you shouldn't have air bags--but double check. The horn actuater is in the steering wheel. If you tug on it, it will likely pop off with the cover and everything. there should be 2 wires going to it, pull and replace the horn unit. In a crunch, these wires can be disconnected there so you don't have to live through the embaressment.

Again, if you do have a driverside airbag, carefully research the procedure for removal.

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