Suburban Dome Lights Dont Work


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Suburban Dome Lights Dont Work

Our early 80's Suburban interior Dome Lights Donít Work. We bought it a few months back and we are not sure if they worked then or not. Now with the dark mornings we know they donít work. Found a burn out bulb under the front dashboard and now at least that light works. The bulb in the center dome light is good and also the bulb in the rear over head by the air conditioner is good but those lights do not work. The manual discusses another bulb on the 'landing lights' but we cannot find it. If these are in series than a burn out bulb may be the problem. Where are the interior bulbs on an early 80's model? What is the best way for trouble shooting this with an o-meter? I am not sure if the after market Viper security system is causing this but we need to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If the plate behind the plastic dome, where all the contacts and switch is has rivets going through the plate then the rivets are most likely your problem and a very common problem.It happened to my last two cars.Remove the plate and squeeze the rivets with a vice grip or C-clamp.The rivets loosen up and the electrical contacts it is used to secure, become bad. The Rivets squeeze two metal strips togeather to form a electrical contact where ordinarally the two metal strips would be soldered or screwed together.Its a very cheap way to do the job.
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I know this is somewhat obvious, but you didn't mention it. Did you check all the fuses? I didn't own cars back in the 80's, but I don't think one light out would make the rest go out, I could be wrong. It really sounds like a circuit problem.
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I agree. Are you sure the bulb is REALLY good? It could be burned out

You found one burned out one, they usually come in pairs. LOL

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