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Plymouth Voyager

I have a 95 Voyager and the problem is the sliding door on the side, Just out of the blue my wife couldn't hardly open or close it and I looked at it and the metal wheel that rides on track on outside of van all the way towards the back seemed not to be rolling good. So I shot some WD40 on the wheel and track and atleast she can open it and close it but it is still hard for her. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this problem. By looking at wheel and track it looks fine and it was working this morning good and just all of sudden got hard to open. Like I said by shoting the WD40 on it, it got easier to open but still not right. This just happened all of sudden working fine in morning, couldn't hardly open that night could it have came out of line, the wheel that rides on the track bad or what thanks for any help on this. This is a manual door but does have a poweres lock. Steve
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I'm not famalier with that door but i think i would try to take that roller and its mounting hardware off the door and give it a real close look. You may have wear inside the roller or a bad bearing.
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I agree with Stevo. WD40 is not a good lubricant---it's a better penetrant.

You might try silicone grease or graphite on those wheels after inspecting them.

Any Chrysler dealer's parts dept. can print you out an exploded view of the door system.

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