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Question replacing tire

Dh has slow leak in a tire of his car. He can't get the lug nut off because it's stripped. He is too stubborn to take it to a place that sells tires to have it taken off--says they can't do it either. Is there something to spray on the lug nut to remove it?
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Either way, (self or garage removed), it will have to be removed in order to fix the tire. It may be a puncture(fgn object still embedded in tire), a valve leak, or possibly a rim leak.
A garage won't charge any more to fix the tire if they have to remove it. Take it in, have them remove it - they'll get if off.
BTW, the lug and nut are probably not stripped. Just 'frozen' on.
Liquid wrench might help. I've had them so tight in past years that I have snapped the lug right off trying to get the nut off. If the garage snaps one off, they'll replace it for free.

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Not true. A garage is not responsible for lugs unless THEY are the ones that put them on like that.

The type of vehicle is not mentioned, which is a problem.

Most front wheel drive vehicles have exposed lugs which make them ripe for corrosion and snapping off. Replacing them isn't bad though.

1) Let the lug break--it's going to anyhow or be ruined.
2) Take off the wheel. Have it repaired by a garage.
3) Take off the caliper and rotor.
4) Using lump hammer, blast out the piece of the broken lug. It will fall through the spindle.
5) Go to the parts store and ask for Dorman lug studs which are filed at the back end--this allows them to clear the knuckle and be installed easily.
6) Get a few extra nuts. If you have an air compressor, this is where the job becomes a snap.
7) Using the nuts, draw in the stud through the knuckle until no serrations (grooves) show through the back end. Use two nuts if you have to. You may ruin the nuts in the process, that's why I said get extras .
8) The new lug stud is now installed. Put on the proper lug nut and repaired tire and you're done.

Old rear wheel drive cars very rarely broke studs!!!!!!
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If the garage breaks off a lug they won't replace it?
My garage will.

If krsecond3's Dh can't get the nut off, he's not going to do 1 thru 8. Best to drive it in to the garage!

btw, I've only broken off studs on rear wheel veh. - 68 chevelle SS396, and maybe one GP 73 or 76.
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Sure they will, and charge you appropriately and rightly so. Not their fault .

By the way---the rear drivers you mention all had exposed lug nuts depending on the wheel option----making them worse for the wear.
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The shop will replace if you make a big deal out of it. Customer satisfaction is number at these chain tire shops.

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