Chevy Venture serviceability?


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Chevy Venture serviceability?

This is a general question about service on my 98 Chevy Venture.

For 25 years, I have been able to do all my own maintenance and minor repairs - belts, alternator, timing belt, water pump, radiator, iginition, battery, brakes, exhaust. Basically anything external to the engine. I know I've saved many 1000's of dollars by doing things myself, and I actually enjoy the work.

The engine in this Venture is so deeply buried, I can't even see or reach most of it. I don't see how an experienced weekend warrior can service this. How do the pro's service this? Are the routine repairs now very expensive? I really like this vehicle, but I'm considering trading it in for something that is serviceable.

Greatly appreciate any thoughts/experiences.

Thanks, Tim
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If you want serviceable, buy rear drive. My sister's Tahoe (2002) is a breeze to service. The oil change is easy, the spark plugs and filters are easy and everything looks very straightforward.

I assume you buy the GM service manuals for your vehicles? If you don't, that's half the problem . You may be doing things the hard way.
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serviceability on front drives is tough at best. serviceability on minivans is a masochistic undertaking. Lots of dissasembly involved in getting at certain things. Take a look where your battery is, for example.

Pros have hoists at their disposal and they ARE handy when it comes time to get at things like the a/c compressor or rear bank of spark plugs from the underside.

Joe's right on the money. If you want ease of service, buy a full size truck based SUV or full size pickup. No transverse engine, no transaxle and a big engine bay with good access to mess around in.

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