Transmission Trouble


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Transmission Trouble

1998 Ford Contour, 2.0 L, 4 speed auto.

The transmission on this car is not shifting properly. When traveling at highway speeds it has a problem downshifting and then shifting back up. This occurs when trying to accelerate or when climbing a hill. The car downshifts, but quickly acts like it's in neutral, it then bangs loudly and up shifts. It loses all acceleration when it up shifts.
I believe the tranny is slipping when downshifted, the bang occurs when it finds the gear. The fluid is full, but it is brown, not red. It is not foamy or burned.
I'm not planning on fixing this. I just want to understand what's happening before going to the shop. I had this happen on a 1980 K car, and the problem was the kick down cable. But I don't think todays cars have this cable. I think the tranny's are electronically controlled. Please advise regarding this cable.

Any advice as to what is wrong is appreciated. Thanks.

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There's no 1980 K car. 1981 is the first year.

Sounds like internal failure. The fluid is burned and that indicates clutch packs and internals have burned up. Rebuild time .
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I agree with joe. A classic case of not serviceing the trans properly. If you would have serviced it every 20,000 miles it would still shift fine.

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