88 Camaro Clutch

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88 Camaro Clutch

I have an 88 camaro with the 2.8 and standard tranny. When you push the clutch pedal in it doesn't release the clutch enough to get it into gear. It doesn't make any noise trying to get 1st but grinds while trying reverse. On jack stands, it shifts into first and will get into reverse after a little grinding. Is there any adjustment on the hydraulic clutch or linkage in this system? How much should the plunger be moving out of the accuator at the clutch fork? The clutch has only 2000 miles on it and this problem happened after parking it in a spot and then trying to leave 2 min later. Any help would be great. My father-in-law did the clutch. More help needed than, "take it to a shop."
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Check autolibrary below in my signature file.

If you had the clutch done professionally, have the shop recheck their work.
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Hey Joe, I am glad you know everything and you have answered it all on your other links. But I am looking for some real advice on something which pertains to the DO IT YOURSELF type job. If I had the work done at a shop, do you think I would be wasting my time here with goofballs like you!
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Thumbs down

Obviously you cannot read, dude.

Did you look at autolibrary which has the answer to your question as directed by me initially? Nope. If you did, you wouldn't be copping a 'tude like you are. Shame,shame.

Did you read my Basics post? Nope.

Answering my question helps you. How do I know you didn't have someone do the clutch or buy the car like that? That makes all the difference in the world.

Again, if you followed the rules on posting (as MUCH information as you know), we'd be half way to solving your problem and wouldn't be wasting time.

So, look in the mirror before firing off a post like that. The vehicle you fix would be your own .

The goofball in this case is you---no one owes you an answer either, and what an attitude like that, I'm not sure anyone will.

Tsk, tsk.
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Hyd clutch

I have had a few hyd clutches they are all pretty much the same.
Have you replaced the master and slave cylinder it sounds like one of them is leaking. It could leak internally past the rubber cups. I would go there first. Lift up the rubber dust seals and see if you see seepage. Next bleed system real good. As far as adjustment there might be a petal higth you can make the throw of the master cyl more but I would not mess with that.
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I have a good mind to delete this post and might go ahead and do it.


Now it's time to apologize to the forum. I'm thick skinned and will just tell ya to sit on a rock.

The forum deserves an apology from someone (hint: look in the mirror again )
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Hey AJBMS, just a little history here, look at how many posts Joe has. He reads each and every post and answers all of them. He is not paid for this. Joe is a fully qualified mechanic/technician (and a good one) I have seen him help person after person.

People who are so quick to shoot off their mouths on message boards really angry me.

All you have to do is follow the guidelines and you will walk with a camaro that runs.
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I guess I should appoligize to you Joe. I just didn't expect to get that kind of response in this matter. The answer you gave me was something off the LETSOMEONEELSEDOIT.COM website and not the DOITYOURSELF.COM site. I was looking for more technical help and should have made my knowledge of cars known before I asked a question.
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Thumbs down Don't be a J*rk

Hey man,

You really don't get it. Don't come on here demanding stuff from our moderators. You see, the time spent on here is their own free time that they take to walk folks through who need a little info about the world of automotive mechanics.

Since you are adept at p*ssing people off, I don't think you'll see much in the way of folks bending over backwards to spoon-feed you. You should apologize. Your conduct is unbecoming and immature.
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Joe_F politely answered your question in the very 1st line of his initial reply.

Joe_F does not know your father in law, therefore he has no way of knowing if your father inlaw is a shop owner or just a nice guy who tried to help his demanding, ungrateful son in law. Hence, he told you to return it to the shop IF A SHOP DID THE WORK.

You're right, this is the DOITYOURSELF forum. Why don't you try DOING IT YOURSELF? Go to the Autolibrary.org site & look up the information you need, READ IT, UNDERSTAND IT, and APPLY IT to the problem at hand.

We are here to provide help. Joe_F provided you the help you requested. What you choose to do with that information is up to you, but don't blame Joe_F for your lack of reading comprehension skills.
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