gas mileage problem on jeep


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gas mileage problem on jeep

My buddy has a 2000 Jeep cherokee w/ 53K miles, automatic. He's been getting about 12 mpg for his past couple of tanks. Jeeps usually get around 18ish. No repairs or anything was done recently. Any thoughts on what could be causing this other than dragging brakes?
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Overloading the vehicle, out of alignment, underinflated tires, wacked out sensor, etc.

Still "under" warranty at the dealer---have them check for any stored codes at no charge or go to an Autozone to be sure there are none.
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Have your friend take it to a dodge dealer and have them change the fuel filter and run a quality fuel system cleaner though it, not off the shelf stuff ether. The stuff only shops can get, like the brand BG. Have them hook up to the drb 3 that is dodges computer analizer.

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