Turn Signals Pontiac Grand Prix


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Turn Signals Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 93 Pontiac Grand Prix the problem is the turn signals neither one of them work. I have check all the fuses and all are good and the hazzards signals work. If I flip the turn signal switch to turn left or right nothing happens inside or outside car. Like I said I have checked all the fuses. Does anyone know what this may be ? Thanks for any help Phil
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Badturn signal relay or flasher.The connector on it might be disconnected.
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What is relay

Yes thanks for the answer but what is a relay a little more info if you don't mind thanks is the relay like a big silver type fuse that plugs in under dash,Thanks again
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the flasher is round and can shaped and is located somewhere under the drivers side dash it is seperate from the hazards flasher.
does your brake lights work? if they dont probably have a turn signal switch problem.
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A small metal or plastic can or cube ,square or round about 1 to 2 inch length and width and height, under the dash where the passenger feet are .Usually clipped onto something metal rail.There should be two,a flasher and also turn signal relay.Turn on hazard signals and locate clicking noise and the turn signal relay should be close next to it, but look around a couple of feet from it.
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The flasher (there are two, one for signals, one for hazards) are usually silver and round.

Any parts store will give you the location from their Wagner lighting book. The owner's manual does most times too.

If the hazards work normally, likely a bad flasher for the signals--you can switch them quickly to see if the signals work. If they do, bad flasher.

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