Dodge D150 pulling to one side


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Dodge D150 pulling to one side

I have a 84 Dodge D150 with 318 the problem is that I just went out and everything was fine when I left the store I let go of steering wheel and it shot to the right. Like I said it just all of sudden did this I got to hold the wheel to keep it going straight and if I let go of steering wheel the wheels turn to right. I looked under truck and didn't see nothing broke. I had the brakes on it replaced about 10,000 miles ago. Thanks for any help on what this could be. Is this dangerous to drive if I can't fix I got to go about 5 miles to garage. Steve
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if it only pulls when braking it is a brake problem such as a hose or caliper,
if it pulls all the time it is likely in need of an alignment and may have one or more wornout front end components that may need replaced before it can be aligned succesfully.
any alignment shop will check for worn front end components before aligning a vehicle just ask around and find out which shops is recomended the most in your area.
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I agree.

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