Caprice blinker/cruise lever


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Caprice blinker/cruise lever

I need to replace the blinker/cc lever on my '79 Caprice Classic. I have found a part at the junk yard, but I need to figure out how to remove it. I've taken the steering wheel and the lock plate off, and was able to loosen the blinker switch. My problem is I was told that I can remove the switch and wiring through the steering column but I don't see how it is possible without cutting the wires and then feeding them through and re-splicing them. I also can't figure out how to get the cover off to access the point where the lever is attached.

Replacing the switch isn't a must, but the lever definitely needs to be changed out. Would it be easier to replace the whole steering column? I'd rather not have to pay for it if it isn't necessary.
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No, it's not necessary.

This is a simple simon old car and one of the best out there that GM made. My grandfather had this exact car with a 305 and it served him well for 13 years...even after he paid 1000 bucks for it in 1983!

The lever is held into the turn signal switch by one phillips screw from what I recall. If you remove that, then go under the dash and you'll see a forked connector that the cruise wire plugs into. Disconnect that.

Fish out the old lever & wire. The turn signal switch is held onto the column bowl with three phillips screws. DO NOT DROP THE SCREWS DOWN THE COLUMN!!! Use a magnetic screwdriver to loosen and reinstall the screws later on. If the screws fall down the column, you have to dismantle it to get at them . Again at the base of the column, there is a "harmonica" connector, disconnect that. This is where the turn signal switch plugs into the body connector. Cut the wires from the old switch on the switch side (NOT the body side). This will make it easier to remove. You're pitching the old switch anyhow, so it won't matter about cutting the wires on the switch side.

The Delco P/n for the turn signal switch is D6225 as I recall so long as the vehicle does not have cornering lamps. It's about 25 bucks wholesale and fits MANY GM vehicles. The lever (as I recall, it's just a simple black lever with the word CRUISE and an arrow pointing to the button on this year GM) is also available from GM.

Don't buy the turn signal switch used. Buy that new from GM/Delco or any parts store. The lever, ok used, but could be faulty from age too as the wires are fragile when they get old.

Both parts could be had from for wholesale price plus shipping.

Now, fish the wires for the new switch down into the column. You might have to remove the plastic wire protector that protects the wires (can reinstall it later on). Fish the wires through and plug them into the body side of the harmonica connector.

Using piano wire, fish the cruise lever wire down the column and pull it out the other side. Plug it in. Put all the parts of the wheel back together----watch out for the key buzzer switch contact, the contacts are quite delicate if they have to be disturbed.

I have done many of these columns but only got really good with them this last time I did a spare column that came with an 80 Trans Am parts car that someone gave me.

If you get stuck and need photos, just go to in my signature file below. If they do not show 1979 (might be too old), then go to a newer year.

The Caprice was basically the same from 1977 to 1990, so try any year in Autolibrary that works. The R&R is similar.

A couple of good tools to have here which can be bought at Sears:

Lockplate remover tool (shaped kinda like a horseshoe) about 20 bucks, well worth it.

Steering wheel puller, about 20 bucks in Craftsman.

That should get you started along with autolibrary.
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I was able to find the switch, but a new lever was quoted at $90, yikes! There seems to be a pin (pivot point) holding the lever into the plastic casing around the steering column, no sign of screw, just the one connecting it to the turn signal switch. This is my problem right now as I still can't get it off.

Just to make sure I understand correctly on installing the new switch... I will need to remove the wires from the plastic connector to get them through the steering column, right? Seems like a tight fit near the bottom where they come out and the link you posted that describes the procedure implies I can get the switch through without problems.

Thanks for your help.
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Follow the procedure in the autolibrary or pick up a Chilton book for your year at the library.

Try for wholesale prices plus shipping on the lever. Get the dealer to give you the GM # and then plug it in on

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