Is the Ford Contour a good car?


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Is the Ford Contour a good car?

Is the Ford Contour a good car? Will it hold up in time?
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In short, no. It's lackluster, cheaply screwed together and problematic---indicative of many Ford products.

If you must buy small, buy Japanese. However, buying small nets you cheap iron all over compared to midsize and large cars.
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I'd stay away if I were you. I've had a few friends that HAD them if you know what I mean. I personally would stay away from any American mid-size now a days. If you can afford it, the new Impala's are good I hear.
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I agree w/ the other guys. We had 1000s of them over the years & they weren't very impressive.

A brief list of their problems:

Cooling system issues.

Timing belt issues.

Transmission problems.

Electronic Engine Control problems.

Variable Cam Timing problems.

They also don't hold their value very well, which gives you a pretty good indication of what the used car market thinks of them.
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Every car has it's problems. My wife bought one brand new in 1999, and has had zero problems with it up to this point. *knock on wood* Just changed the oil every 3k miles, and replaced the tires once, but other than that, no major problems at all.
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stay away from it and runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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Every car has it's problems.
Your wife's car is the exception rather than the rule. Research the Contour/Mistake...oops, I mean Mystique on the web & you'll see it has a less than stellar reliability record.

The 6 cyl. SVT w/ 5 speed trans is fun to drive but still plagued with sevice issues as well as saddled w/ clunky styling.
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Not to mention both the Contour and Mystique are not produced anymore .

Both obsolete to my knowledge. That should tell you something.

I'm with Knuckles on this one. The bus beats this thing for relibility by a landslide.

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