1990 Merc Cougar Digital Dash lights


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Question 1990 Merc Cougar Digital Dash lights

I have a 1990 Mercury Cougar, 3.8 L V6, AT. The gauges for this car are a digital readout, and it doesn't light up anymore. I have replaced all the light bulbs, and all the fuses in the fuse panel. When the sunlight hits it a certain way I can see that the numbers still work, its just that the lights won't turn on. Is there perhaps another fuse I am missing??
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most likely will have to replace instrument cluster or have yours sent off and repaired.
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Have you checked the instrument lamp dimmer? It's part of the headlight switch.
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I fixed the lights problem, bad ground in the wireing harness somewhere. although now that I have fixed the lights, the computer doesn't work anymore. Hopefully that problem is the same ground. Im thinking when my little brother decided he needed to put in a new stereo, amp, and sub in he nicked a wire somewhere along the line.

FYI ford no longer offers a new instrument cluster for this vehicle, it was only in the 90-91 cougars and tbirds. most salvage yards wanted 80 to 120 to order in one. I found one in a salvage yard for 18 bucks. If anyone wants it it is theirs for the 18 plus shipping. I don't know if it works or not. I figured out the ground before I put that in.

I think my brother did replace the headlamp switch, but I will check with him to be sure.
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Ford likely offers it on an exchange basis/repair basis.

If not, there are many aftermarket companies that handle repair/rebuilding of digital dashes out there.
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my local mercury dealer told me that would cost $150 to $300 to repair it.
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Because they send it out to a service center (dictated by Ford) to repair it .

If you go to any parts store, they should be able to send it out to their remanufactured electronics supplier for analysis and repair.

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