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Vw Golf

I asked this question before, didn't get but one reply and so far that is not working. I recently changed batteries in my 1996 vw golf gl, manual trans. Now it will not idle. Before I could just start it thru the window, now I have to depress the accelerator before it will start, then whenever I stop, (stop sign, signal light, etc.) it cuts off. By the way, the check engine light was on before the battery change, still on, but everything seems to be fine, except for the idling part. Your opinion please!!!!
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Remove negative battery cable from the negtive battery post and depress the brake so that the brake light comes on.This discharges the computer power so the computer becomes reset.Connect the battery cable and drive around like you normaly do because the computer now sees an engine it doesn't recognize because it was reset so it has to re-examine the engine to set the parameters for minimum pollution output and maximum engine performance.This will reset the trouble codes which you may inadvertantly put in.
Also you may have filled up with bad gas which happens when you fill up at an old and small gas station which probably has an old tank.I always fill up at new and big gas stations because they have the money to change the tank while a small garage owner will try to get every last minute out of the tank before changing it if he ever does.
The bad gas bit happened to me just a few weeks ago which was characterized by bad ,and too low idle so that the engine dies but I waited until the gas tank was low and filled up again at a new gas station but the problem was still there for the rest of the day but the next morning the problem was gone for good.Yes ,I filled up at a small,old gas station when the problem occured.
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You need your codes read,when you used to start your car through the window,do you mean a remote start?
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Bring the vehicle to any Autozone, have them scan the codes and tell us what they find. This is the cause for the trouble.

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