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Question Big Problems

My Wife's 1994 Buick Skylark, with about 104k miles does not have no air at all -- I mean nothing!
No heater,
No defrost
No Air Conditioning / Vent

I checked Fuse, and thats about it -- since I do not know where else to look!

Please advise. and Since Winter months are among us, hopefully a resolution can be soon

Thanks in Advance

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Do you have any kind of engine trouble like black,blue or white exhaust smoke, or strange noises from the engine?Is engine performance good?.The combustion chamber is a hot blasting furnace and is the source of heat that goes to the radiator and heater and if there is something wrong there such as the explosions in the combustion chambers are not strong enough then that means less energy is converted to heat so the antifreeze runs cooler to the heater.Is the temp guage reading normal?Did you have a lot of heat last year?The heater may need replacing but lets rule out other possibilities first.
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Rob are we talking about you not having a working blower fan?
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Okay here is the skinny --

(1) In refrence to first reply -- Performance seems okay, at least for a car over 100K and 9 years old.

(2) To second reply --- I am not sure where the failure is, that is why I posted in the forum -- If its the blower that is faulty, is it a hard fix? Costly?

In the summer -- When using the Air conditioner, and pointing the dial to the highest blower setting -- it used to just trickle out -- The noise kind of sounded like it wanted to blast out air -- but hardly anything came through the vents.

Now Nothing works -- no heat, airconditiong, or vent -- no noise -- notta -- zilch

So if the blower is the first thing to check, I am all over it -- Once I know where and what the blower is?

Thanks for the replies -- please send more -- I need help
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Turn on the blower and cycle it through the different speeds using the fan switch. Does it change? If so, the fan works fine, you have an air distribution/vacuum problem.

In turn, that is usually a bad vacuum wheel.

If the blower motor doesn't work on ANY speed, the motor could be bad or the blower resistor is wiped out (but usually, high speed will work and the others don't).

We need to know what we are up against first.
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It does not matter what speed -- 1st setting or last -- nothing comes out -- I is silent ( like it is shut off)
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Find the location of the blower motor in Autolibrary (see the first post at the top of the Auto forum). Turn the fan on. Rap on the blower motor with a rubber mallet. If it comes back to life, the motor is spent.

Check the blower resistor for burning or blackened contacts. Replace it if you find any. Autolibrary should have information on all the HVAC components and how to test them.

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