Engine Service and Lube


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Question Engine Service and Lube

I took my 2002 Trailblazer 4x4 to get it serviced today, and when I looked at the reciept later under Chassis Lubrication, it said "Sealed". I called the place back and asked what that meant and the guy told me that newer cars have no grease fittings and they're sealed. Is this acurate? Or are they just trying to cut cutting corners?
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it is not uncommon for newer vehicles to not have grease fittings in general usually the pickups still have a few the only way to know for sure is to look for yourself or have someone you trust to look for you.
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its the newer vehicles dont have to many grease fittings maybe one .it sorta stinks i know
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A Traiblazer has zero grease fittings,but they could lube your door hinges,hood hinges and latch.
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However, my sister's 2002 Tahoe has a full boat of grease fittings! All depends on the model.
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I wonder if that's because the Tahoe's are based off the truck chassis's?

Well I did just what the suggestion above said, even though it was snowing out , I crawled under the Trailblazer and looked at the steering control arms and tie rod ends, sure enough they were flat and sealed on the back sides. If I would have known that I would have just changed the oil myself again, would have saved me $35 bucks. I've been changing it since new, but every once and awhile I like to take it somewhere and have the chassis lubed (or so I thought) and the other oils checked, e.g. diff. and transfer case. I'll just take care of it all myself from now on. Thanks for all the help.
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It could be. Maybe because the Tahoe is a heavier platform and more likely to be used offroad, they decided on giving it grease fittings.

It's actually neat how this works. The rods themselves have the fittings tapped into the side. There's no boots like on older vehicles that have grease fittings. You just pump the grease in there till it comes out on the other side. A cavity inside is filled with grease.

Pretty neat idea! .
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Where are some normal places that have grease fittings and chassie lubes, I to have taken several of my vehicles to oil change places and the same thing I get the chassie is sealed! I bought my new vehicle and doing the maintence myself and havent seen any fittings, I have a 2002 dodge durango 4x4, w/ the smaller V-8. where do i look for these fittings or do they even have any?
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Look around on the ends of the suspension parts for grease fittings. They are pretty obvious on most vehicles if they have them.

My sister had a 1999 Durango (terrible truck) and I can't recall if it had grease fittings or not. I used to change the oil on that truck regularly, but my mind must be failing .

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