1997 ford ranger


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1997 ford ranger

my fluid for my cluch ran out got air in the line. I am trying to bleed the line i removed the dust cover on the cluch housing looking for the bleeder valve only can see a bolt to far up to get to it . how do i bleed my hydriolic cluch line .

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Your truck has an integral release bearing/clutch slave cylinder assembly.

The slave cylinder is located INSIDE the bellhousing & the release bearing is clipped to it directly.

The slave cylinder bleeder screw is located on the driver's side of the bellhousing. Follow the plastic tube from the clutch master cylinder to the bellhousing & you'll find the bleeder screw.

Remove the cap from the clutch master cyl. Make sure you remove the black bellows gasket from beneath the cap as well. Fill the reservoir with fresh brake fluid. Open the bleeder screw on the slave cyl. and let gravity take over. The system will *eventually* bleed itself as long as you keep the clutch master cylinder filled with fluid. Close the bleed screw once you have a steady drip or stream of fluid from the slave cylinder bleed screw.

You can also use a Phoenix Injector or a Speedi-Bleed if you don't have all day to deal with this problem.


If your clutch master cylinder reservoir was empty, you have a leak somewhere in the clutch hydraulic system. The slave cylinder/release bearing assembly is the most likely and most expensive culprit. Look for signs of brake fluid around the bottom of the bellhousing dust cover.

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