squealing belts


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squealing belts

Howdy...1998 Mitsu galant...98k...automatic, full power. when I first start off, there is a loud squeal from under the hood. Soon as I settle into driving , it goes away. It is most reliable when wet or cold. any quick suggestions before I throw myself on the mercy of the neighborhood mechanic?

Thanks, ken
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I would suggest checking to be sure your belts are tight. Be sure the engine is off, and push on the belt between two of the pulleys. It shouldn't move too much, I'm not too sure of the exacts for that vehicle but a repair manual should have the details. A manual is probably between $10-$20 at your local wal-mart or parts shop. Your owners manual might have some insight too.

BTW: If your car has 98k and the belt has never been replaced, probably time to do it. The repair manual should tell you how to do this too.
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The belt is wiped, as Fireman said. Change it. Way overdue.

Barring that, it has a worn tensioning device for the belt. Change the belt first---likely problem.
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Definitely check the belt. If you see cracks in it, you'll need to replace it. It's pretty easy to replace on most cars and it's a lot easier having a second person helping. Good luck!
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