Doors freezing up , maybe a little O/T?


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Doors freezing up , maybe a little O/T?

this is about car doors so i guess this would be the right place but is not really a mechanical question.

i have a 86 grand am which on mornings like this morning , after a night of wet snow , constantly freezes along the rubber around the door frames. being an old car , and slightly rusty around the door handles , i don't like to yank on the door to get it open.

my question is this , has anyone got any sure fire solutions to keeping these doors from freezing in the future??

i've tried putting vasoline along the rubber , which works to a point but then requires many dry cleaning bills when you forget its there and hit it with your clothes ;(

can anyone suggest something a little more dry cleaner friendly?

thanks , gord
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If the weatherstripping is old and crummy, that will worsen the problem.

It was on my 84 Olds 88. I pitched them in favor of a pair from A&M Soffseal (half the price of what GM wanted) and it's even quieter inside now .

Not much you can do, except put something on there to keep them as pliable as possible or replace them. I use a little Armor All on it when I wash the car to keep them pliable.

Too much of the stuff is not good either . It won't do much and makes a mess as you have found out
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check the parts counter at your local dealer. They sell silicone dressing which comes in a thick white paste form. It will keep the rubber soft and pliable and will mitigate freezing issues. Best of all, unlike vaseline, the dressing soaks into the rubber leaving little mess behind.
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