1991 mazda 626, want to remove seat belt buzzer


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1991 mazda 626, want to remove seat belt buzzer

I have a 1991 mazda 626, the seat belt motor is broken, I am Ok with manually using seat belt, except that the seat belt warning buzzer on the instrument panel won shut off. I am forced to drive with a constant buzzing. How can I disconnest the warning buzzer?
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Make sure the belt locks into position or the belt is useless in an accident.

Call up the dealer, ask for the location and then yank it out.
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Joe, Thanks for the quick response. I am using the manual lap belt, it is the motorized shoulder belt on the driver side, I call the dealer, the advice I get is bring it in we will have to look at it. All I want to do is pull the buzzer so that i can rid myself of the non stop annoyance. The vehicle has 154K miles, so thinga are beginning to wear. If you have other ideas I am interested in hearing back from you.

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see if this works

There is a two-wire connector on a pair of wires running from the driver's seatbelt buckle under the seat. Put your hand under the driver's seat and you should find it fairly quickly. It's a pretty big connector for just two wires. One wire should be blue and white striped and the other should be black. You can disconnect this connector to stop this alert from working.

good luck
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You need to use both belts to be protected, not just one belt. The lap belt won't help you from smacking your forehead into the steering whell or other places inside the car.
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Trinitro is absolutely right.

The shoulder belt is a very important component in your cars restraint system. If just the lap belt is worn significant internal injuries can occur from the force of your body being wedged against that belt. Not to mention your forehead being smacked by the wheel or windshield. And if you think its ok because you have an airbag, think again, airbags don't always deploy when they should. There are documented cases of airbags going off after the firefighters have already removed the patient from the car and put it on the tow truck. Be safe, the extra few seconds are worth it.
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i'd also like to mention that an air bag only works properly when the driver is properly restrained.

an air bag usually does more damage than good if the person isn't restrained.
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I think what he's saying is that the belt is in the locked position, but the buzzer keeps going off.

If it were my car, it would have a new motor . I hate automatic seat belts. Not worth 50 cents. I'll buckle my own (and I always wear one) thank you
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Warrany item

The seatbelt motor and track are under a lifetime warranty. Check with any Mazda dealership in your area. This safety recall covers all models.
Mazda Master Tech
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Can you provide a recall # or TSB#?

Alldata shows only 3 TSBs/recalls for the restraint systems & non provide a lifetime warranty.

The only thing I could find that even comes close to applying to this situation is TSB 028/96, which involves cleaning the seat belt webbing.
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I too am curious.

I know Takata Safety, who supplied a lot of seat belts for Japanese cars was in the spotlight some years ago for seat belt issues.

The gov't blamed it on bad design, Takata stated that we tend to be sloppy in our cars, spilling food and drink down the buckles, causing them to not latch.

Funny that other makers never had this problem during this era .
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This was an Owner Notification Safety Recall. I'll see if I can find my copy. MazdaOwner should check with his local dealership.
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I had the same problem on our Caravan. All I did was track down the source of the buzzing sound and pull the metal wafer out of the plastic box it was housed in. ON this, it just kind of was vibrated by a little transformer. Good Luck.

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