1997 Olds Cutlass Dissappearing Coolant??


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1997 Olds Cutlass Dissappearing Coolant??

This is a 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme w/130k miles and the 3.1L engine. We have to regularly fill up the coolant recovery tank (about every week and a half). There seems to be an oily residue in the coolant recovery tank, but I don't see any "chocolate milk" on the oil dipstick, which from previous experience, would indicate a blown head gasket. I'm guessing that there may be a minor headgasket problem, which is causing the oily residue in the coolant recovery tank, but wanted to get some other opinions. Please let me know what else I might be looking for, or how to get this problem verified- how much should it cost to have it checked out??? How can they check for a blown headgasket??
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check your transmission fluid and make sure the coolant isnt going into the transmission through the cooler in the radiater, coolant getting in the transmission fluid will lo0k milky pink in color.
prices can vary alot depending on your loacation and from shop to shop but i would imagine you would be looking at somewhere between 25-75 dollars to have the cooling system pressure tested and checked for leaks, most times they use an exhaust infrared to see if any exhaust emissions is getting into cooling system to help detect a leaking head gasket they also make a simple fluid called block check that changes color when exhaust emissions is detected in cooling system.
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I agree with BeJay.

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