brakes on 87 mazda 626


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brakes on 87 mazda 626

Hey all.. got a 86 mazda 626.
Here recently, the brake pedal will go almost to the floor before the brakes actuate. If you release and press again (ie pump the brakes) the pedal is fine.

I've just bled all 4 corners, and the result is the same, pedal goes to the floor unless you quickly press it twice.

Do you think the booster has gone bad, and if so, what kind of $$ is this? I'm not looking to spend a great deal on the car, as it was a cheap car to begin with, so anything more than about $200 I'll just buy another cheap car..
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i dont know if it is your booster, can you stop the car at all?
usually booster problems will go straight to floor-no brakes
i would guess your master is bypassing-meaning its shot
if it is this you can find a used one at the boneyard for 20 bucks and do it yourself

let others post for more thoughts
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yep sounds like a master cyl

Sounds like the master cyl is worn out inside.fluid is bypassing.
I would not get one from a wrecking yard you dont have a warranity and you dont know what you are getting.Your life depends on your brakes so dont skimp on them.The only thing I would get from a wrecking yard are body parts and glass.Stuff that has to do with saftey should be new or bought from a quality remanafactured source like NAPA auto parts.
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I agree with Jetman.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Do not buy used brake parts. If you won't go for a reman cylinder (probably 50 bucks at any parts store), pitch the car. Your life (or mine if you crash into) me depends on the safety of the brakes.

Make sure all the friction (pads and shoes) are in good shape as well. Replace any faulty or questionable hardware at the same time.
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Well, took the car the local mech yesterday..

Needs rear wheel cylinders and pads (from being soaked with the leaking brake fluid).

$225 ouch.. but cheaper than me replacing the master to only not have it fix the problem.

Thanks for the replies. If I had more time, I might would have tried it myself, but this is the only car, which the gf uses to go to work, so can't have it down for long.

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