is it rebuilt or original transmission?


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is it rebuilt or original transmission?

We bought a 94 nissan quest about 4 months ago.At the time of the sale we were told "we had a new tranny put in".Well now we're having problems with the transmission. They're not denying that they said that but won't provide info on who did it or any info.They do say it was a remanufactured one. We feel that the company who did it would have provided some type of warranty.But they say no and basicly they say its covered under our 50/50 warranty.We have had many other problems with this dealer so along with our state police believe we might have been lied to.While he's doing his investigations, we were wondering how you can tell the orginal transmission from a remanufactured?Is there a serial number or something? If there is where can I find this info? thanks for any help.
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It probably was rebuilt, but just done poorly. That's why you are having trouble.

A couple of things:

1) The original unit in the vehicle from 1994 could have been rebuilt. It would likely have a partial Vin # stamp or serial # on it.

2) A service reman unit from Nissan could be installed. In most cases, there would be a sticker or tag that indicates that.

3) It could be a unit that was rebuilt but originally was in another vehicle. Most tranny shops have "off the shelf" rebuilds of the popular units out there (ex: GM TH350, TH400, Ford AOD, etc).

My guess is that the original unit in the vehicle was rebuilt. Without tearing it down, it's tough to know what was done to it and how good it was done and how extensive it is.

Your recourse with this place depends on the terms of the warranty and what you have in writing.
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