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Why The Hard Start (Continuous Cranking)

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12-19-02, 01:48 PM   #1  
Why The Hard Start (Continuous Cranking)

'92 Dodge Dynasty.
3.3L Fuel Injected V6.
Automatic Transmission

When the car is cold, I am able to turn on the key and with a slight delay (with the starter cranking a couple more cranks) the car starts up.

When the car is warm, and I turn on the key, the engine will continuously crank over without starting/firing up.

But, when the car is warm, if I first crank for a couple seconds. Stop, then try cranking again for a couple seconds. Stop, then try cranking one more time, the engine starts right up (on that third try).

One garage (without inspecting it or anything) said it was my fuel pump and had to reprime itself. I dont' get it since the car is able to start up somewhat quickly when it is completely cold.

I know that the fuel pump solenoid (by the brake reservoir) makes a lot of noise (I hear it humming immediately when I turn the key to "on"). Is it supposed to make lots of noise?

Anyway, Why is the car starting so hard?


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12-19-02, 03:59 PM   #2  
first off, i would never go back to that shop again. a mechanic that assumes whats wrong with your car is not someone you need to be giving your money too.

the first thing that springs to my mind is this is a 10 year old car, when was the last time you replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and distributor cap/rotor? each one of those can cause all kinds of problems when they wear out and aren't expensive to replace.

a car needs three things to work, air, gas, and a spark. air usually isn't a problem unless the air filter is really old and clogged. the biggies are fuel and spark. i would think that if you are having a fuel problem, that you would be having driveability problems also. does the car stumble, hesistate, etc while your driving? if not, i would suspect the ignition system, those parts i mentioned above, or perhaps a bad ignition coil.

i suggest getting a tune up, and if that doesn't solve your problem, go to a different mechanic that will actually look at your car. btw, my fuel pump solenoid, and the old one that used to be in my car, both made quite a bit of noise when the car was first started.

btw, i'm just a weekend mechanic, so you'd better get the opinion of other people on the board also.

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12-19-02, 06:21 PM   #3  
Start with a complete tune up no matter what, as it's probably log overdue.

Then, check the fuel pressure to see if it's within spec. This is the first step.

A common problem on Chrysler products is the pickup plate which will cause a hard start/no start condition.

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12-19-02, 07:51 PM   #4  
it does sound like it may be a fuel pump but only a pressure test will reveal for sure also would be a good idea to change the gas filter if it hasnt ben done in a while, the fuel pump is located in the gas tank and the only thing that i would no of that could be buzzing by the brake reservoir would be if you had electric brake assist wich would run when you first start the car and also kick on and off as needed to give you power brakes.

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12-19-02, 08:22 PM   #5  
I agree...fuel pump was the first thing I thought of when reading your post. A fuel pump relay shouldn't buzz. I agree with Joe on the distributor pickup plate being a trouble spot on mopar, but this car doesnt have one. Check your fuel pressure after changine the fuel filter. I bet it is below specs.

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12-20-02, 02:46 AM   #6  
I agree...fuel pump and the proper pressure tests must be done. Try something else, turn the key to "on" for a few seconds then turn it off, do this about 5 times and then try to start it, I'll bet it starts right up.

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