freon leak???


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freon leak???

i have a 2000 nissan crew cab 4x4. it's been cool here in florida, so no need for a/c. today was kinda warm, so i turned on the a/c and got warm air, about as warm as outside air. there was also a "whine". i put in a can of freon, and it cools like new now. my question is, is it normal for freon to be used that quickly? granted i use my air alot, but it's only been 2.5 years. do you think i have a leak?
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Posts: 16,814 have a leak. Vehicles don't use freon. If you have to add any, then it is because some leaked somewhere. Freon is not "consumed" by the vehicle.

Adding freon is not really the thing to do either, for several reasons. One thing is that when freon leaks out, refrigerant oil leaks out with it. You don't know how much leaked out though, so you don't know how much to add. And you can put too much in, so that just leaves you guessing. If you get too much or too little and cause damage to the compressor, then you are looking at a major expense for not only the compressor, but a new drier, expansion valve or orifice, system flush, possible condenser replacement, etc...

Air conditioning work is almost impossible for the doityourselfer to do properly anymore. There is just too much equipment involved that the average diy person just doesn't have.
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You should at the very least have a pressure gauge while you are charging. The cheap ones from Wal-Mart only hook to the low-pressure side, so you have to charge some and then check the pressure.

Pain in the butt.

You want a pressure gauge that hooks up to the high side (of course you can't beat a set of pro gauges that hook up to both sides at the same time). Then you won't overcharge (easy to do with r-134a).

Basically, you should study up on maintaining a/c systems if you are going to try to keep this'n running. Especially in Florida you don't want trouble with the a/c system.

Pay a visit to and check out the discussion forums there. You can educate yourself sufficiently there given enough time so that you safely fix your a/c system.
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I agree with these guys, but one exception.

2000 vehicle---factory warranty should cover it. Dealer's problem, not yours.
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i agree with joe!!!!

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