93 Geo Metro won't start


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Unhappy 93 Geo Metro won't start

The car: 1993 Geo Metro LSI, 3 cylinder, 5 speed trans, approx. 80,000 miles.

The problem: Will not start.

Belongs to my father, has always run good, to my knowledge. About 2 weeks ago he couldn't start it. I think he flooded it, had to "pull start" it. Omce it started it ran good, and continued to run good until this morning. Now it won't start again. Turns over good. Doesn't "feel" like it is firing at all. I was going to try and pull start it again, but now, when the key is turned on, all of the warning (?) lights stay on, ( oil light, check engine light, shift light, etc.) Until now, if you turned the key on after a few moments, most and maybe all of the warning lights would go off ( I don't remember for sure if they all went off).

Does this sound like the computer in it is shot? I assume there is a computer that controls this car? Where is it located? Any suggestions?

I am considering trying to get it to an "Auto-zone" shop. They are supposed to do a diagnostic check for free. Does anyone have an opinion about such services? I realize that the quality of the check is dependant upon the individual doing the check, but do they typically do a good job of diagnosing problems? Thanks very much in advance for any info.
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If you can pull start it it sounds like you must be getting two of the three basics, no spark. I see autozone recomended lots. They must do a pretty good job. I would say the place to start is with your ignition system. Spark plugs and wires, other ignition components including coils if it is electronic ignition, if not then check rotor and cap.

Those warning lights probably do stay on normally because when the car is not running you have no oil pressure, and your battery is draining.
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first off autozone doesnt do anything but maybe check your computer codes and even then alot of models they are not capable of checking, and if any codes do show up they would like to sell you the part the trouble code is related to, regardless of if it will fix the problem or not.
the check engine light is supposed to stay on until the engine starts, the oil light will stay on either till the engine starts or cranking over the engine builds up enough oil pressure to cause the light to go off so i dont think your problem is even related to the dash lights.
i would check for spark for starters and if no spark you might remove the distributer cap and make sure the rotor is turning when cranking the engine over if it isnt most likely a timing belt problem.
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Try this link for some error code info.
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Whoa Nelley.

Start with my "The Basics" post below before you do anything.

Let us know if you lack fuel, spark or air, or any combination thereof.

Without checking the simple stuff first, you will spend more than this car is worth.
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