Windshield wipers and cruise control


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Windshield wipers and cruise control

I have a 1992 Chevy full size Silverado, 5.7 liter, 5 speed manual trans, 172,000 miles. My windshield wipers and my cruise control do not always work. Sometimes the wipers will work, but the cruise control will not. At other times the cruise will work but the wipers will not. At no time do they both work at the same time. Sometimes if i hit a bump the wipers will start working, sometimes they will start on there own.
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If your wipers and cruise is on the blinker handle ,Maybe you need to replace the blinker assembly.Wait for other post and see what the other guys have to say.MERRY CHRISTMAS
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Turn on the wipers. If they don't work, rap on the motor with a rubber mallet.

If they come back to life, bad motor or ground.

Most likely there is a short in the wiper switch and steering column as both sets of wires go through there.

I would gather a bad turn signal lever/cruise lever and probably a bad wiper switch.

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