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Question harmonic balancer

1993 Ford F150 5.0 V8, 4WD. the outer, weighted portion of the harmonic balancer has seperated from the inner portion which mounts it to the crankshaft. Is this a simple repair? It seems to be completely accessable from the front of the engine, right behind the main pully. I have not seen anything in my repair manual that mentions the procedure for replacement of this item. Can you help?
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You need a balancer puller which you can buy at Sears or rent from any parts store such as Autozone.

You must replace the whole balancer with a new one. Any parts store should be able to order a Dorman aftermarket replacement, or you'l have to order one from Ford.
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As joe said you will need balancer pull. First remove drive belt from engine, then remove dust shield from bottom of bell housing, incert screw drive or pry bar though flex plate to stop engine from turning on you when you go to loosen the large bolt that is in the center of the balancer. Instalation is the oposite of removal. Note don't lose key that keeps balancer from spinning on the end of the crank!
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If you have access to air tools, the force of the air should be able to zip it right off.

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