'90 pontiac 6000 horn


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'90 pontiac 6000 horn

recently i had a problem with the horn. when it got to about -10 degrees the horn would, for some reason go off. so i pulled the fuse and put it back in. all was fine until i try to sound the horn and the fuse blew. i went through 3 fuses in one day and they all blew when i tried pressing the horn. the horn would sound for a spit second and then die down
where do i start, is it a major electrical or minor???
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Could be a short in the steering column, or could be a wire chaffing and grounding out. Check the connection at the horn and follow the wires back into the column, looking for any exposed insulation.

Barring that, it could be a bad contact in the steering column. Might want a shop to handle that, could be a little tricky.
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re: reply

thanks alot for your help........im actually going to take it to gm as soon as the holidays are over

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