cumputer failing


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computer failing

1993 Ford F150, 5.0 V8, 4WD. 187,000 miles. This is weird.......I have had a mechanic look at the truck recently when I was unable to determine the reason for no spark at the plugs. First they replaced the ignition module, and it seemed to work, but only for a week. (they refunded my money and looked confused) We then discoverd a small 2" loop of wire that had been plugged into both connections of a female connector plug. the wire had come loose, so we plugged it in and the engine fired. I drove the truck for 2 weeks, and then the same thing happened, no fire. I reached under the hood and disconnected the 2" loop wire, and the truck started again. Ran well for two weeks, then did it again, plug the wire back in and I've got fire. The timing is a little off with the loop removed, so now I simply pull it out once a week just to crank the engine and then immediatly replace it. I've been told that the computer is failing and needs to be replaced. Can I perform this task? Other than the broken balancer problem in my last post, this engine has been very strong with no problems, no leaks.

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The computer can be checked for fault by sending it out through an auto parts store to their reman electronics supplier. Do that first before spending the money on a computer guessing.

It could be a ground problem as well.
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I believe the 2 pin connector that you are talking about is the SPOUT connector or shorting bar. The truck should run with it plugged in OR without it plugged in. This is removed to set base timing and then reinstalled. I doubt seriuosly that you have a computer problem, it sounds like you have a bad connection in or around your distributor. You need to pull apart all the connections at the distributor and clean the terminals as best as possible and then apply a small amount of dielectric grease to them to keep them from corroding. You might have to go into the distributor for a closer look, or you might have to replace a connector or two. The next time it wont start try disconnecting the ignition module(power off) and replugging it and see if it runs.
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computer failing ?

another simptom that I forgot to mention, when running, the engine misses intermitently, except when accelerating. If Im just cruising, the engine misses often.
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You keep mentioning the computer failing. This is an expensive mistake if you are wrong. Again, the computer can be sent out for analysis to determine if it is bad first before buying a new one which can easily exceed 100 bucks.

Do as Stevo suggested---good advice.
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