Can't Get The Fuel Filter Off


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Can't Get The Fuel Filter Off

'92 Dodge Dynasty
3.3L V6 Fuel Injected
Automatic Transmission
59,000 Original Miles

Thank you all for the advice on the fuel pump/filter (continuous cranking).

I tried to change the fuel filter, but, I am running into a problem. As most of you know, there is a weird assembly to where one of the lines is connected, which usually requires some type of decoupler tool. However, I noticed, the room is not there to fit a decoupler tool in there (between that funny hose that fits over the little pipe coming out of the fuel filter and the filter itself). None of the tools at any of the auto stores seemed "short" enough to fit in.

It might have been messed with before, as I see there is no lip to the inner pipe-like piece that is inside that line (looks like a pipe inside of another pipe that fits over the nozzle of the fuel filter). I mention no lip because its rough looking on the end, and, I have seen similar apparatuses in the stores.

This is not a hand released item (as some models are). At the auto parts store, I jacked up the car a little and pulled (unscrewed) down the filter to show the manager (a former mechanic, he claimed) who suggested trying to pull the inner (pipe-like) piece down with a screw driver and pulling off the filter.

Its funny that no store in the area had a book that even showed this model vehicle and the type of filter assembly.

I really don't want to pay $60 for labor and $20 or more (double or more the value of a filter) just to change a stupid filter. Never had to have anyone else change one before in my life. (I am almost tempted to do a cobble-up job, where I would cut the filter there, and attach remaining nozzle piece to a rubber hose and that rubber hose to the new filter).

Any ideas on how to get the filter off?


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This is a gazorch to remove. The quick connect sticks on these. Spray it LIBERALLY with WD40 and let it soak.

OTC makes a little blue tool that is used to press off snap fit filters like this---tell the parts store man to open up a Saturn gas filter for a 91 to 95 and let you use the little blue tool in there. I can't recall the tool #, it's a 7747 or a 7715 maybe? Little itty bitty thing that Purolator and Delco include with a Saturn filter. That might work.

NOOOOOOO!!! Do not cobble anything. The 3.3 is under high pressure with the fuel injection system and you shouldn't mess with any fuel lines by deviating or changing them in any way. Leave it alone!
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Joe--on that Blue Tool

Joe, thanks on your input.

I have a question on this tool. Are you simply supposed to "pull" or are you also supposed to "turn" or twist in anyway?


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Push. I answered that in a separate post.

Please don't split posts on the same vehicle/topic. It makes the post lose continuity.

Use the reply button and keep them together.
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i would suspect it has ben damaged previously , the black plastic inner portion should be able to be pushed in using a pair of regular needle nose pliers but i suspect the inner portion may be broken so it is no longer able to be pushed in far enough to release, just spray it as suggested with some penetrating spray and it may come off if you can get it freed up enough to move easily, this is a short piece of hose surely you can get off one end or the other and just replace it if necassary.
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BeJay: These are notorious troublesome fittings.

Original poster: If you damage the fittings or the hose, I believe Chrysler offers a service package to fix it that is not expensive. Any dealer should have it.

My friend's 1991 Shadow 2.2 has this setup and it's a PITA too.
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