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Angry no clutch

Hello,I have a 1990 chev cavalier,5 speed.I haven't been having any clutch problems at all with it,slipping or what not.But just the other day i was driving along and things just didn't seem to fell right.Stiff gears or just didnt seem to be shifting properly.So u[p the road i went and it was missing gears the clutch felt funny then it started slipping badly.So what i did was pull over almost instantly called the tow man and towed it home.Upon inspection at the house i found the push rod for the master cylender was broke off of the clutch and aslo seems to be inside the firewall/cylender as im having a new master cylender installed tommorrow.My only worrie(s)are 1-When i start it now it theres no gears as if its in neutral,but it has a "whine"to it.I dont want to leave it running.But do you think there could be more to this problem even though ive had no apparent problems with the clutch or tranny?What do you think the Whinning noise is from?Impropperly engaged clutch because of the rod being broke?Any input would be dearly appriciated!!!!!!!!!
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How many miles on the clutch? Sounds like it's wiped too and should be replaced.

Also could have internal trans problems---need more detail on the history of the car.
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Well the car has a little over 200k on it .The thing is i dont know what work was done on the clutch if any.It was definitely a 1 owner car and was taken care of quite well.Not driven hard at all.When i was going through the gears just before the clutch let go,it sempt like all the gears were there.I was wondering if the master cylinder piston had the clutch in a bad spot that was making it wine like that
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The whining could be internal tranny problems.

It's up there in mileage, that's for sure.
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When was the last time the trans fluid was checked?
Hard shifting and whining can be cause by low (or none!) trans fluid. Check the owner manual for what it takes. Some take trans fluid, some (like some pontiacs) take plain old 5w30.

I think it's very odd the the rod would break, unless something jammed it up really bad.

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