harmonic balancer


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Angry harmonic balancer

1993 Ford F-150, 302 V-8, 4WD, 187000 miles. any suggestions on how to remove the old balancer? I rented a puller from a part store, and it still wont budge...........George
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Is it a harmonic puller? It should be shaped kinda like a dog's paw with three bolts going through it. If not, wrong puller.

Spray it REALLY good with WD40 and use the puller to push it off the crank.

Sears sells a nice Craftsman puller for about 20 bucks. I bought one, lifetime warranty.
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Head's up!

If you have an Auto Zone in your area they will let you use the tool for free. You pay full price for the tool and bring it back when you are done for a full refund.

I rented an a/c compressor clutch puller from there and it made the job go very well (they call it rent, but it's not really renting since it ends up costing you only the gas money and time to go get it).
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balancer bolt?

any chance that the bolt in the end of the crank shaft is reverse threaded? I have tried all I know to remove it and then the puller should work for the balancer. It fits a 15/16" socket, I have soaked it with WD40, heated it with a propane torch, and used my pneumatic impact wrench..........still not budging........
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It is right hand thread. Must never been off motor. Try useing a penetrating oil. PB Blaster is a excellent penetrater to use. wd-40 is a weak penetrater. There is another way to get it lose. Take a half inch breaker bar, put a short peace of pipe on end, put your socket on. Lay the bar on the breaker bar on top of the frame on passenger side,then turn the motor over with the key. It sounds strange but it has worked for me several times on that bolt. You just have to click it over. Hope it will help if you try it.
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Good idea and I have used what you said in the past, but that will not help press off a stuck balancer. It will only remove the bolt. It is also quite dangerous as the pipe could whip loose. It is a LAST resort.

A quick burst with an impact gun is safer and most effective.
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Thumbs up balancer bolt?

I had the same thought, to use the torque of the engine to loosen the bolt, but it didn't seem safe to me. I purchased a new 1/2" brreaker bar and used a 3 foot long piece of galvanized pipe to give more leverage and the bolt came right off. New balancer is on and engine is running. Unfortunately, the engine is running really rough. is it possible that my shaft was ruined, bent, when the balancer broke?
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Was the timing chain ever done? You have high mileage and it may be very worn out. When was the last time it saw a tuneup?

Is it the right balancer? Where did you buy it? How does the timing look when you check it?

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