Pontiacl 3.1L Intake Manifold


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Unhappy Pontiacl 3.1L Intake Manifold

Vehicle info:

1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
3.1L V6

I had a very bad oil leak from the Intake manifold. Being the shade tree Jeep mechanic that I am I decided to tackle this myself. I've dismantled and removed the plemum, EFI, and everything else that was in the way.

In order to replace the valley pan gasket I had to remove 3 rocker arms and push rods on each side. (I thought this was a stupid design, nothing like the good old fashioned Jeep V8 that I'm used to.)

All gasket surfaces are clean and ready for reassembly, which leads me to my problem.

I have not been able to find the torque specification for this engine.

I need torque info on:
rocker arm nuts
intake bolts
plenum bolts

Does anyone have acess to this info or could you point me in the right direction?

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Ya should have a service manual when tackling a job like this....

Check autolibrary.org through my signature file below.
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Rocker arm nuts = 18 Ft-lbs.

Intake manifold to cylinder head bolts/nuts = First take all to 15 then take all to 23 Ft-lbs.

Lifter guide bolts = 89 In-lbs.

Plenum to intake bolts = 16 Ft-lbs.

Throttle body to intake plenuim (just in case) =15 Ft-lbs.

But for under $20 you should really have a repair manual for this car. It'll help a lot for things like this in the future. I buy a manual for all of my cars, and am willing to give some information from it gratis.

Donations accepted (just kidding).

Good luck!
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Ooh! And from one Michigander to another.

Enjoying the snow? (Of course it's a huge state... you might not have gotten any ..... yet!)
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I can tell you this exhaust pushrods are longer than intake pushrods.A guy who worked with me found out the hardway lol,smacked the valve #4 cylinder,had to pull the head.

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