locked up caliper?


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locked up caliper?

2000 Mitsubishi Galant. Daughter's car, heavy right foot!!

Several months ago I did a 4 wheel brake job. Front disk, rear drum. Everything was fine. Now the front left is making a horrible scraping sound. She took it to a shop and they said the front left caliper is locked up. They want about $800 to change BOTH rotors and one caliper.

I brought the car home and pulled the wheels. Sure enough, the inboard pad on the left front is gone, and the inside of the rotor is torn up. I had no problem removing the caliper and it did compress with a C-clamp.

Aside from that, the other 3 pads seem to have excessive wear. I don't think they have more than 10k miles. Maybe this is a result of the heavy foot but can one pad be completely gone while the other three have meat left on them?

Does this sound like a locked up caliper problem? Could it have been caused only by heavy braking? what would cause it to lock up? Do I really need to replace both rotors if only one is bad? Should I replace the hoses too?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Pitch both hoses, both rotors and new friction. The calipers may not be sliding properly due to lack of lubrication on the slide mechanisms as well.

I would pitch the calipers, rotors, friction and hoses in favor of all new ones and bleed it up. Done and no more problems .
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Use quality parts as the cheaper pads do not wear as well. I like Raybestos Professional Grade. Remember to lube all sliding points on the calipers with a thin coat of disk brake silicone grease. Get new hardware kits or pins also.
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Another tip when doing brakes on newer cars with ABS, using appropriate clamping tool, clam off the brake line, open the bleeder screw before pushing the caliper pistion back into caliper housing. This will prevent trash/old fluid from being pushed back into ABS check valves and ABS system. ABS pumps and motors are NOT cheap..
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I'd flush the ENTIRE system to make sure I got any dirty fluid out and replaced it with new fluid .
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