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Unhappy smoke/overheating

Hello, ok I have a 1992 cadillac deville v8-300-4.9 167,000 miles
started with light white smoke coming out of tailpipe..then started overheating..coolant is leaving radiator(obviously the reason for overheating)...checked oil no water or is lots of white smoke...smells like burnng this head gaskets or head? Head gaskets just replaced 1 year ago cost me $1200. Is there leak stop that I may try first if so what and where? And if gaskets can I replace them myself and where can i get diagram and directions on how to do this? Thank You
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Lightbulb some ideas

go to napa auto parts they should have books called chilton atomative and there are specific kinds for specifiv cars trucks and vans find the one that works for you they run from 12-30 bucks now if you dont want to spend money then you have to do some research there are these books at your local library or should be anyway now some questions is your oil always draining fast or is it full most the time and does your radiator leave spots on the ground or is it always emty

now if your motor is overheating its gonna make the oil thiner and then you have loss of oil now there are a few things you can do to fix the over heating problem and there cheap in the motor there is a thermostat temberator gague that might need to be replaced cost about 5 bucks or so i woudl replace it now there is a nother one called a releif valve that one is about the same price and that is usualy were the fan is mounted to the motor now that might be yout next problem a bad cluch fan so if that is the case htats about 30-60 i would recomed going with the flex cluch fan it works wounders anyway replaces these 3 items and you should be fine if not your radiator might just be bad via clogged or has holes in it i woudl deff get a new radiator they run from 100-400 quite spendy but worth looking into as a last resort now i dont think its a head gasket at this point but let me know anyway pls reply and let me know if this helps at all or if you have any questions my emial address is [email protected]
my name is jim hope i helped
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Yes, you have a blown head gasket again .

Since this is the second time for this machine, it is possible that one of the head is warped and was not caught during the last head job.

When head gaskets are done, the heads should be sent out to a machine shop to check for flatness and cracks. Was that done on the previous repair?
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Does your car leave large puddles of fluid at tail pipe? It is normal to have some but if you have blown head gasket,cracked head, or leaking intake gasket it will leave much larger puddle.
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ok no puddles from tailpipe or under car...heads were checked all was ok at the last gasket replacement. have replaced thermostat and fan is ok. Still "eating" coolant causing it to overheat. I just can not imagine or hope it is not the head gaskets. Trying any other ave. before going through this again...also, along with gasket work approx. 4 weeks later...overheated again had water pump replaced, o2 sensor, thermostat and i think that was it. I did change thermostat again this time not any change. Also, my heater stopped about a week before this all happened..coincidence or not? Thank You
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oops..sorry also, oil is fine never low!
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The heater not working is probably because you are low on coolant, and not refilling the cooling system properly. Like joe said, you blew the head gasket again. Once you blow your head gasket it can go again easily. That overheat after you had it replaced is probably what did it, and now that you have been low on coolant it has been running hot.
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Someone missed something during the first repair or the head gasket replacement was poorly done.

Fireman: If done right, the head gasket repair COULD outlast the rest of the car ! The propensity for subsequent head gasket failure should not increase if the job is done right.
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chrisamy6 --b4 throwing any more parts at this car, you need to do the basic checks on it. Run a compression check on it. Pull the dipstick and see if it looks milky from water, you can even get a sniffer tool to sniff exhaust emissions in the radiator.

However, sometimes reality sucks, if you smell antifreeze burning, and you see no puddles, well, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.....
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If you had headgaskets done 1 year ago and you did not overheat the engine.It was not done properly or the engine block is warped excessively,which goes back to not being done properly.The block needs measured for warpage also not just getting heads machined.
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ok here is my problem now... i have had it towed to 2 different garages costing me over $300.00 in tows cuz i live in the middle of "no mans land" both state that they will not touch it...due to aluminum...arent all caddys aluminum? i thought they were and these guys act like its a demon...i know possible issues with stripping of mounting bolts etc... any how have it home again, Is there something that I can do at my own risk to assess the damage? Or possibly repair it myself? Also, if put on a diagnostic system will it read out specifics ie...heads, gaskets, etc? or does it have to be researched manually? Also...smell of antifreeze but, no puddles, or coolant in oil. Now Jeremy says looks like a duck etc...but shouldnt there be significant observances for this? where is the coolant going if no puddles under car or end of tailpipe and no coolant in oil?

ps no offense to anyone...but, i read through the forum pretty often and amazed at how many caddys are on it coincidence or peices of junk? I'm starting to take it personally with this car..him and i will be paying a visit to the car cemetery soon!lol thanks for any info u can provide! Happy new year!
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The reason for the trouble is likely improper repair the first time around in my belief. I would ask the garage that did the work the first time to have another look and ask them why their repair went bad in a year's time. Give them a chance to make good on it.

Either the mechanics you towed the vehicle to are used to cars of the 60's or disco is just about reaching your town. LOL. There aren't many iron headed cars now a days. Virtually all are aluminum due to weight savings/fuel economy. So if it looks "new fangled" to these guys, maybe they are still looking for leaded gas at the pump. LOL. I wouldn't trust anyone that's scared of a newer car anyhow---they arent' likely to do a proper repair.

As Davo stated, there is a possibility of the block being warped due to heat the first time around and that will cause the gasket to subsequently fail again. It really needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb and if the block cannot be assessed as being good or repaired properly, it has to be replaced. Special tools are neded to check for flatness on an engine block.

In the old days of cast iron everything, very rarely did you get a head gasket problem, and if you did, it was generally just a gasket change, and a quick check of everything by a machine shop. With aluminum (and most modern cars fall into this category), it's a whole other ball game .

Yes, this is why I drive older cars with cast iron everything (excepting my Cavalier and Saturn).

You surely have a coolant burning problem by what you describe.

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